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Sports content creator Virtual Spectator recently purchased ASL Intercom BV equipment from National Audio Systems (NAS) for the outside broadcast trailers the company built to support its Cricket Australia contract.


Responding to a brief to supply a consistent approach to operations that would add value and efficiency to the production environment – as well as adhering to a tight budget – Virtual Spectator began its search for a suitable system.


‘After exhaustive searching and working under the impression that we only had the budget for a basic analogue system, we were surprised to find an affordable, high quality digital system in the ASL gear,’ admitted Kieran Rivers, chief operating officer at Virtual Spectator.


‘Although slightly more expensive than an analogue system, the functionality and quality far surpassed anything else we had seen,’ he explained. ‘It also allowed us to easily tie into the TV broadcaster’s existing communications system as well our own RF comms. In the end, the reason we chose the ASL gear was because it was better, cheaper and easier to work with than anything else we had seen,’ he enthused.


NAS division manager Graham Rowlands designed the system following a consultation with Mr Rivers and Andrew Mott, project manager of Cricket at Virtual Spectator. Virtual Spectator then installed the gear, whilst Mr Rowlands took responsibility for any training and resolved any technical issues that arose.


Each OB van was equipped with one ASL DS 4000 M master matrix, two DS 290 two-channel digital belt-packs, four DS 830 eight-channel tabletop speaker stations, one DS 700 rack-mount interface frame and one DS 74 paging interface module. Additional equipment comprised three DS 73 audio in/out interface modules, one DS 72 four-wire interface modules, and a DS 85 booster power supply/data repeater.


‘We found that the training and support offered by NAS was exceptional,’ explained Mr Mott. ‘They placed as high a priority on a seamless broadcast as we did, which in turn meant we knew that if we had any issues we could rely on their support to get things going as soon as possible. NAS also met the very tight deadline without cutting corners or requiring us to compromise.’


Mr Rivers stated that even though facing challenges of a tight timeframe and budget, the team was still able to provide a successful solution. ‘We ended up spending slightly more than was budgeted, however I am extremely happy we made the decision to redistribute some funds and get a system that is more functional rather than compromise on quality with a system that is a step below,’ he furthered.


‘The installation went fairly seamlessly and any issues that came up were quickly and effortlessly sorted out by Graham,’ stated Mr Mott. ‘ASL gave us a high quality, fully functional digital comms system that integrated seamlessly with existing systems at an affordable price,’ he summarised.


‘NAS offered excellent sales advice, training and support that matched the priorities of a live television broadcaster. From the project’s point of view we made the right choice in going with ASL for our communications requirements,’ Mr Rivers concluded.




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